• Full Episode: Decoding Your Dreams

    Do you know what your dreams are trying to tell you? Today, Mel is unlocking the shocking and secret messages in your dreams. Certified dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg is here to teach you how to interpret your dreams and tap into the power of your subconscious mind.

  • Full Episode: Best Decade Ever

    Today, Mel teaches you how to make THIS the best decade of your life. 140,000 people around the world have taken Mel’s online class, and now she’s bringing you the secret to dreaming bigger in 2020 and getting out of your own way!
  • Full Episode: My Mom Stole My Identity

    Stephanie’s mom stole her identity to open bank accounts, credit cards, and pay bills for years before she finally discovered the truth. Now she’s in debt and can’t buy a house or go to school because her credit is destroyed. Here's why she says it could happen to YOU.

  • Full Episode: Trust Your Gut With Medium Kim Russo

    Mind blowing psychic readings - LIVE in our studio audience! Mel meets psychic medium Kim Russo, who proves that our sixth sense is stronger than we believe. Plus, she connects with a relative Mel never expected to hear from.
  • Full Episode: Sex Trafficking Survivors Reveal They Were Hunted Like Animals

    Lexie was 9 years old when she was groomed into the seedy world of sex trafficking. Today, the horrific stories of women kidnapped as pre-teens who survived human trafficking. They speak out about the trauma they live with today – and the girls who paid t
  • Full Episode: Men Being Catfished

    Disturbing catfishing scams that are targeting older men. War veteran Jared was extorted and preyed upon by a catfish posing as an underage girl, leading to shame and his suicide. PLUS, the shocking identities of these ruthless scammers.
  • Full Episode: Digital Predators

    Illegal phone scams prey on seniors and drain their life savings to zero; digital predators took all of a woman's money and made terrorizing phone calls that drove her to suicide.
  • Full Episode: Explosive Lie Detector Tests Revealed

    Denial. Excuses. Rationalizing the lies women tell themselves! Mel tests her BS meter and breaks out the lie detector. These women get the proof they asked for! The result will leave you shocked.
  • Full Episode: Digital Predators: The Boogeyman in Your Child’s Pocket

    A parent’s worst nightmare - kids choking themselves, setting themselves on fire, even committing suicide as part of dangerous online challenges. 3 deadly digital challenges you’ve never heard of, but your kids have.
  • Full Episode: The Widow in Waiting

    The disturbing toll of caregiver burnout and guilt; a woman fantasizes about her terminally ill husband's death, unable to handle caring for him and her four children.
  • Full Episode: Can Mel Save Rachel Dolezal's Reputation?

    Her reputation was famously ruined after she claimed to be a black woman and was exposed as being biologically white. Today, Rachel Dolezal explains to Mel why she’s still trying to defend herself 5 years after being ostracized from society.
  • Full Episode: Dealing With Rejection and Trust Issues

    Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi from Jersey Shore says her best friend has been single since his boyfriend cheated on him eight years ago, and she wants Mel to help him move on.
  • Full Episode: The Biggest Secrets Men Keep

    What are men really thinking and feeling? On today's episode, Mel explores the things that men don't like to talk about, with participation from a male-only audience.
  • Full Episode: How I Was Catfished And Lost $1,000,000

    Catfishing is the #1 way adult women in this country are being scammed. On today's episode, Mel explores the characteristics of a "catfisher", and the impacts they have on their unknowing targets.
  • Full Episode: How A Love Triangle Tore Our Friendship Apart

    On today's episode, Mel explores love triangles and the secrets that tear both personal relationships and friendships apart.
  • Full Episode: Make The Difficult Call

    It's always challenging to have difficult conversations, which often times results in stress and anxiety. On today's episode, Mel coaches 5 people through picking up the phone to have conversations they have been dreading.
  • Full Episode: Desperate For Insta-Fame

    People go to great lengths to achieve internet fame. On today's show, Mel discusses social media addiction with a concerned mother and her daughter. Do you know somebody who is trying to be the next Kardashian online?
  • Full Episode: Rise Of The Grandfamily

    1 in 10 children are currently being raised in a three-generation home. Mel explores some of the challenges associated with a "Grandfamily" parenting structure.
  • Full Episode: Botched Plastic Surgeries

    Is plastic surgery the answer? Extreme and dangerous procedures shape the perception of beauty. Mel gets to the bottom of why people risk their lives for the perfect face or body.
  • Full Episode: Stop My Partying Mom!

    Today, party moms out of control! Mel’s intervention with a mom who leaves her kids with babysitters 7 nights a week to party. Plus, a mom $70,000 in debt who can’t stop spending at the club. When is partying okay, and when is it just plain irresponsible?

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