• Mother Manipulation

    Do you have a family member who pulls all the strings to get what they want? Today, meet a man desperate to get away from his mother’s non-stop guilt tripping and manipulation. How to deal with the manipulator in your family.
  • Victimhood: Can't move on from my ex

    Today, meet a woman still obsessing about her ex-husband 13 years after their divorce. Her best friend is tired of watching her play the victim. Mel’s advice for anyone who can’t get over their ex.
  • Do you have anxiety and not know it?

    Description: Mel discusses the five warning signs of deep anxiety
  • Father daughter reunion 30 years in the making

    Imagine picking up the phone and learning you have a child you never knew existed. Today, a father and his 30-year-old daughter are reunited for the very first time. The emotional reunion, and the heartbreaking backstory you have to see to believe.
  • Husband Basher

    Have you ever said something to your partner that you wish you could take back? Today, meet a woman whose out of control resentment for her husband has turned him into her “verbal punching bag.” How to deal with a partner who is lashing out at you.
  • Love triangle: The secret that tore our friendship apart

    A woman secretly in love with her best friend asks for Mel’s help confessing her feelings to him. How she deals with the love triangle her secret has created…and the twist you’ll never see coming.
  • Friendship break up

    Today, what would you do if your best friend crashed your car, stole your money, or hooked up with your ex? Two women whose friendship was ruined by betrayal and revenge come face-to-face to hash it out. Mel is asking: are some friendships not worth savin

    Mel's five warning signs to spot a narcissist and the personality type narcissists love to exploit.
  • Women on the Verge: Out of Control

    Are you a perfectionist? If you’re not, chances are you know someone who is. Today, Mel explains why perfectionism will always backfire, and what’s behind the need to be “perfect.”
  • Explosive Parenting Caught On Tap

  • Extreme Entitlement

    A mom who is facing bankruptcy because she spoils her teens with clothes, cars, and phones. Mel reveals the real cost of overindulging your kids.
  • Out of Control Friendship Feud

  • Secret Eating Disorders

  • Why Men Don't Cry

  • Critical Moms

  • The Silent Treatment

  • What's Your Anger Type?

    Your Anger Type Quiz
  • Adult Bullying, The Epidemic No One Is Talking About

  • 5 Seconds To Weight Loss

    4 Rules of the 5 Second Diet
  • Bulldozer Parenting Backlash

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