A man comes to Mel desperate to find out why his best friend cut him out of her life. Then, a woman who can't get her boyfriend to commit after 12 years.

    Mel sits down with a 27-year-old who is sick and tired of paying her mom’s bills. Is her mom a moocher? When it’s time to cut off a family member in financial trouble.

    Is a narcissist born or raised? Today, Mel helps parents whose 5-year-old son is already showing narcissistic tendencies, and it’s gotten so bad that he’s breaking things and drawing on furniture to get attention!
  • Stop My Partying Mom Before It's Too Late

    Today, party moms out of control! Mel’s intervention with a mom who leaves her kids with babysitters 7 nights a week to party. Plus, a mom $70,000 in debt who can’t stop spending at the club. When is partying okay, and when is it just plain irresponsible?
  • The Opioid Addiction Ravaging America

    You’ve heard about addiction to opioids prescribed for physical pain, but today, Mel meets people who became addicted to opioids as a result of extreme emotional trauma. How the opioid epidemic is crippling Americans, and what needs to change now.
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  • DNA secrets

  • Family Feud

    A woman trapped in the middle of an ugly feud between the father of her children and her mom. Mom claims he’s cheating on her daughter and calls him names so bad, Mel can’t even repeat them on air. Today, they’re together for the first time in over a year
  • Montel Williams

    Montel Williams joins Mel Robbins for an emotional and urgent talk about veterans and mental health. How PTSD led to Montel’s two suicide attempts, and his mission become an advocate for veterans.
  • The biggest secrets men keep

    Today, an audience of only men opens up about the secrets they keep from women…and from each other. The biggest silent battles men fight - revealed!
  • Manipulators and the silent treatment

    It’s manipulative, destructive, and people use it all the time to get what they want: The Silent Treatment. Why we use it, and what do to when it’s turned on you.
  • Cyberbullying is ruining my life!

    Today, people’s lives destroyed by online bullies. Mel takes a deep look into cyberbullying, including one woman harassed online by her future mother-in-law and the tragic story of a 16-year-old boy who died from suicide after being cyberbullied by his pe
  • Holiday dread

    She’s the mother from holiday hell…and her daughters are dreading spending the holidays with her. Can Mel help this family sit down together at their Thanksgiving table, or will they skip the holidays altogether?
  • Catfished and lost $1,000,000

    Real women, catfished and scammed out of their savings. Mel investigates how catfishers lure in their victims, and why they can’t be prosecuted.
  • Warning signs of a sociopath

    Mel sits down with Dr. Brian Russell about the five warning signs to identify and avoid a sociopath.
  • Extreme jealousy is ruining my family

    An on-again-off-again relationship – over 20 breakups in the last 5 years – all due to one woman’s extreme jealousy and controlling behavior. If things don’t change, her boyfriend is ready to leave her for good. Can Mel save the relationship?
  • Mel Robbins Exclusive: My NFL husband is an addict

    Mel’s intervention with a Super Bowl champion who once played for the Patriots and the Steelers. His dangerous addiction to heroin and alcohol that led to his fall from grace.
  • Desperate for insta-fame

    Today, an 18-year-old turning to dangerous and hypersexualized posts to get likes online. She’s so addicted to getting attention on her social channels, her followers have become real-life stalkers. Her mom’s final plea to Mel for help.
  • Mel Robbins Exclusive: Lured into a cult?

    Today, a look inside the manipulative tactics cults use to lure in members. Mel hears from a woman so brainwashed and emotionally abused, she almost didn’t escape from the alleged cult run by her own stepfather.
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  • Complicated grief

    Today, Mel sits down with a man who witnessed something so horrific when his wife died that it haunts him every day. Can he move past the trauma, or will his dead wife’s ghost haunts his new marriage?
  • You're not who I married

    Today, marriages on the verge of falling apart. A husband and wife who have been separated for 6 months, still living together. He wants to work it out, and she can’t wait to kick him out! Can Mel save their crumbling marriage?

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