Gillette Skinguard

Throughout this season of The Mel Robbins Show, host Mel Robbins has learned that it takes men a lot of courage to talk about some of the issues in their life. Today, Chris is here to talk to Mel about his struggle with sensitive skin.

New York City Firefighter, Chris, shares with Mel that he is tired of having red and irritated skin from shaving. Chris must shave nearly every day because if he doesn’t, the oxygen mask for his uniform will not seal properly. “I didn’t look forward to shaving at all,” Chris tells Mel.

Mel connected Chris with Dermatologist, Dr. Jared Jagdeo MD, to discuss his shaving troubles. “My shaving never comes out as smooth as I would like,” Chris explains.

Dr. Jagdeo and Chris headed over to Walgreens to find products to relieve Chris’s skin irritation. Dr. Jagdeo suggested Gillette's Skinguard Razor and Pure Shave Gel. It’s the first razor specifically designed for men with sensitive skin. With two uniquely positioned blades, it will help Chris get a wonderful close shave that he has been looking for.  

Dr. Jagdeo tells Mel that he sees men with sensitive skin very often at his practice, and how one of the most challenging things for men to do is to talk about their sensitive skin problems.

After using the Gillette Skinguard razor Chris tells Mel, “I feel like a new man. The shave was nice and smooth.”

The Gillette Skinguard is available at your local Walgreens and

Gillette Skinguard