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Are you in a family conflict and can't get along?

  • Relative causing stress in your life?
  • Family secret been revealed and wreaking havoc?
  • Battling over bad decisions?
  • Loved one's behavior becoming #1 argument?
  • Family at wits end and looking for solutions?
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Are you in a dispute with someone else and want to solve it?

  • Tired of fighting over the same issue?
  • In a dispute with a family member, neighbor, or co-worker/friend?
  • In total shock over lies being told or accusations being made?
  • Reached a standstill and need Mel to weigh in?
  • Ready for relief from all the drama?
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Problems with adult siblings?

  • Frustrated by the behavior, actions or accusations made by adult siblings?
  • Fighting over money issues, boundary crossing, ridiculous expectations?
  • Sibling raising spoiled brats or judging your parenting?
  • Care of aging parents becoming and issue?
  • Desperate for positive change?
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Worried about someone and need an intervention?

  • Dealing with a compulsive liar?
  • Is someone's anger turning into rage? Worried about a friend's quick-temper or young kids witnessing tantrums?
  • Loved one making bad decisions or engaging in dangerous or illegal behavior?
  • Fear they will end up in jail or the hospital?
  • Ready to confront someone but need Mel's coaching?
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Friendship Feud?

  • Tired of dealing with a controlling, jealous, obsessive, narcissistic, or draining friend?
  • Frustrated by a one-sided friendship?
  • Ghosted and need closure?
  • Consumed by guilt and want to let it out?
  • Ready to bury the hatchet with a former friend with Mel's help?
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Is a secret or lie disrupting your life?

  • Has a big little lie unravelled into a huge dilemma for you?
  • Has a family secret been revealed and now it’s causing stress?
  • Need Mel’s help controlling the collateral damage?
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Tired of bickering with a spouse, friend or in-law?

  •  Dealing with a controlling, jealous, or critical loved one?
  •  Frustrated by fighting over the same thing?
  •  Need Mel’s advice to free your life of boundary-crossing relatives?
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Need Mel’s coaching

  • Want Mel’s advice with something stressing you out?
  • Has something recently happened that’s upset you?
  • Feeling stuck and desperately want to get moving?
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Share your story

  •  Tell Mel anything!
  •  Big news to share?
  •  Want Mel’s advice with an embarrassing dilemma?
  •  Great success with the 5 second rule?
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